Green ECO Learning

Blossom is an innovative, holistic and socially responsible early years provider. At Blossom, we have implemented the Triple PPP Approach which is where no decision is made without considering People, Planet, and Prosperity in tandem. The ethos is ingrained in our business practices as deeply as it is in our educational philosophies.

At Blossom corporate social responsibility is not optional - it is firmly bolted to our DNA. We are passionate about being green and whilst our primary goal is the education and care of children we know that in order to do this right we must “be the change we wish to see in the world.”

We started our journey in Dubai with a desire to create a secure and stimulating learning space for children at which they develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Awareness of the planet has always been a central focus and we have developed a variety of ways to ensure that we remain clean and green!

We haven’t stopped pushing for a better tomorrow; in fact we have built a world record-breaking Envirofence (made from recycled water bottles), installed LED lights in centers in recycled bottle shades, filtered water piped in, fans to circulate air, lined windows and roofs to remain energy efficient and even purchased Forest Stewardship Council approved furniture. We audit our air quality and suppliers and undertake many other sustainable initiatives. These, in turn, build innovation within our children who are not constrained by preconceived notions of what can be a fence or a lampshade or used to make a toy. STEAM learning and a strong focus on design, engineering and interdisciplinary thinking is part of the culture of creation.

A Blossom education ensures that each child is cared for and encouraged to reach his or her own potential by remaining consciously aware of how their actions affect the world. Children at Blossom practice caring for our surrounding areas through recycling, repurposing, planting, composting and energy conservation. It is also the first nursery in the UAE to become certified Carbon Neutral and is widely recognized as a 'green nursery' in a holistic way that weaves timely topics and thinking into a curriculum that has both true global context and content.

At Blossom children are engaged, aware and amazing thinkers that put the learning into practice! Call us to come see our centers in action and build your child’s green knowledge destiny.

Sustainability Report

Each Blossom center has indoor and outdoor Upcycling and Recycling stations respectively. Our upcycling stations not only encourage children and team to make wonderful creations out of potential waste and packaging but also teaches youngsters how to segregate their plastic from paper. Segregating waste is a wonderful activity for young children to learn through their SKYGARDEN senses by touching and feeling different textures of material. From this, new opportunities to explore and understand emerge. Blossom’s upcycling stations are educational and ECO-friendly, allowing children to collect, segregate then choose the material they would like to upcycle into beautiful arts and crafts projects. We encourage them to take ownership of their actions and feel proud of the outcome. This method of teaching creates a long-tailing effect where our children carry these responsible traits with them to big school. At Blossom, there is nothing that we love hearing more than our parents telling us about our graduating kids wanting their new schools to start making crafts with recycled newspaper! These testimonies ensure that we are on the right track.

Other ways we instill a sense of ownership of mother nature is through our ECO-tailored Educational Planning. We incorporate green messages into our curriculum by introducing activities that focus on caring for our planet. Creating a Fruit and Vegetable Week where we take our children to the grocery store to shop for a healthy meal with their Blossom Jute Bags is just one way we build on lessons and this activity focuses on EYFS areas of numeracy and understanding of the world, while also teaching children about the dangers of plastic, healthy eating, and local purchasing.

At Blossom, we truly believe that by showing children the right path while teaching them the difference between LED and regular CFL light bulbs, for instance, we offer them the space to do their own thinking and make their own decisions. Providing children the opportunity to be their own little citizens and think about their impact means we are nourishing influential thought leaders of tomorrow who in turn will lead by example and nourish the next generation to believe, achieve and become in The Blossom Way.