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Blossom and Babilou Grow Together in the UAE

Babilou, Europe’s largest Childcare group continues to break ground with its expansion in the Middle East.


DUBAI and PARIS, September 5, 2017 – The Blossom Nursery announces that "Babilou, France’s largest private daycare operator, takes majority shares in its capital. This strategic partnership between both groups drives the creation of “the leading Childcare provider in the UAE.”


Babilou is growing in the UAE

Babilou Group, Europe’s leading Childcare provider, was founded in France by the Carle Family. The pioneering of this company started in 2003 with two brothers, Edouard and Rodolphe Carle. Today the Group consists of a network of 1,500+ nurseries across Europe, 520 of which are directly operating under the Babilou Management.

Babilou continues to strive for global wellness and the vision to provide high-quality childcare with a mindset of a solution based approach for working parents. The group expanded into the UAE in 2014, launching its first signature nursery in 2015 and 3 others following that in prime locations across Dubai. The aim has always been to offer more of its expertise into the region and working towards a bigger vision.  Part of this was a collaboration with existing providers in the market and building up the overall sector which still was in infancy compared to more mature European markets.

The Group continued to investigate the market until they came across The Blossom Nursery.  The connection was instant in that both brands believed in the importance of building a reliable service that supports modern families.  Zahra Hamirani - founder of The Blossom Nursery shares that the nurseries were founded based on the needs of dual-income, working families who wanted high-quality care in a secure and stimulating environment.  As a mother of three, she was seeking an eco-space; a safe, sustainable, green and environmentally aware setting for early childhood development so she went on to create it. “In some ways, this was a project of passion for myself and my team who all had different interests from strong language immersion programmes to risk preparedness or healthy eating. By allowing for the business to pivot and build around these different family needs we slowly nurtured a ‘way of being’ - taken from our mantra - believe, achieve, become that is the culture of Blossom today.”


Making Babilou & Blossom Nursery a strategic partnership for worldwide leadership

The Blossom Nursery as the leading locally grown nursery in Dubai started in 2009 and quickly grew to six locations to serve families across Dubai which have educated thousands of children over the years.  As a successful business that often is in the media spotlight for its CSR approach and quality, child-centered curriculum it began to attract attention from private equity groups.  Zahra says that “while it was gratifying to get the attention from many big finance houses or school groups who were interested in investing in us it was also very scary.  I often heard about financial targets, exit plans and how they could save and shave expenses.  I was worried we would lose who we were.”    Blossom has always focused on metrics such as “direct to child spend” and Triple PPP reporting (people, planet & prosperity).  Since Blossom was looking to expand further, the search for the right partner continued.

Blossom and Babilou create the leading group of Childcare in Dubai

A few months ago Blossom was introduced to the Babilou team and magic happened. With both companies holding their core values of Kindness, Commitment, Diversity and Quality at the heart of their operations, a promising partnership is set to take place.  Babilou and Blossom Nurseries join forces in September 2017 to bring the highest quality of childcare to the UAE, and to create the leading group of childcare in Dubai. Babilou will own the majority of the shares.


Rodolphe Carle, Founder and CEO of Babilou Group says, “We have been very impressed by the high-quality standard offered by Blossom pedagogic program and teams. Zahra is a natural childcare professional and a charismatic leader who managed to build a tremendous network gathering talented people with a structured vision around children comprehensive development through EYFS methodology. It is an opportunity for Babilou Group and our staff members to welcome Zahra and her team on board. Career paths for our teachers will be enriched thanks to Blossom’s EYFS-training center. And together we will grow our offer to UAE families with passion, respect and commitment to give every child the best educational environment in our nurseries.”


Together Babilou and Blossom have 10 branches with 1700 places for children from 6 weeks to 6 years old across Dubai with different curriculums and flexible offerings to suit every parent’s wishes. Hand in hand, The Blossom Nursery, which is shortlisted for the Gulf Capital SME awards and listed as a local SME100 business, and Babilou Group, voted as the number 1 “crèche” across Europe, will be continuing their mission and offer family based solutions across the entire Middle Eastern Region, with plans to open twenty nurseries by 2020 and strongly establish themselves as the families choice second only to mum!

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About Babilou

Founded in 2003, founded by 2 brothers Edouard & Rodolphe Carle, Babilou is the largest provider of high-quality daycare services in France. Babilou welcomes more than 25,000 children each week and supports more than 1,200 clients of all sizes, with more than 520 childcare centers (day-care centers, nursery clubs and nursery schools) and more than 6,000 professionals dedicated to the highest quality educational standard, worldwide. As a trusted partner with companies, Babilou now wants to meet the challenge of 360° parenthood so that every employee can balance professional and family life. For more information, please visit


About Blossom Nursery

The Blossom Nursery was founded in 2009 in Dubai as a modern nursery provider catering to dual income, working families. Blossom has six locations across Dubai offering the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum along with its proprietary Skygarden approach.  Winner of numerous awards including "Best Nursery" and SME100 rankings and founded on the Triple PPP (people, planet, prosperity) approach we are proud of our education leadership and training through our Cache license and membership in global early years professional associations.  Blossom has educated 1000's of children with over 200 team members ensuring delivery of quality education provided in our secure and stimulating environments.  For more information, please visit



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