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Blossom Summer Camp 2017; The most perfect Summer spent in Dubai

Blossom Summer Camp, here we come! Off to the beach we shall go!

Bumpy rides on the journey to Blossom Summer Camp but we finally made it! First stop is Blossom Beach where we dash to make a splash!

The sand in our toes and the sun smiling on our cheeks. Warm and rosy they may be but oh what fun we will see! Off to explore the seashore we went where we found sea shells and friendly crabs!

Look there! The Blossom Cruise is here! Off we will sail to go explore the deep blue sea.

With the splashing of the waves and the wind in our hair, diving into the ocean we shall go to explore all of the amazing sea creatures.  We went swimming with the dolphins and saw the beautiful colorful fish. We explored the bottom of the ocean and discovered the lovely starfish and saw the amazing green kale.

Oh-no! Pirates! Friendly pirates they were so they showed us the pirate way, arghhh matey they say. We dressed as pirates, wore eyepatches and explored the adventures of being pirates and we saw sword fights too!

Giddy up, giddy up to the wild west and farm yard we arrived!

We milked the cows and bathed the beautiful horses and even got to brush their beautiful mane.

Seeing the chickens lay eggs and raised our own chicks! How tiny, cute and fluffy they were! Cowboys and cowgirls we became and rode the horses and saw the beautiful scenery of trees and greenery.

Deeper we went into the forest we found ourselves deep into the Blossom Jungle. Roaaaaaaarrrr we heard the lion's growl and saw the monkeys swing between branches. The excitement and thrill we felt as we watched the gorillas and elephants! Such beautiful exotic animals we have seen!

Further and further we went and discovered dinosaurs! All kinds of dinosaurs, big, small, flying we saw them all. The big trees in Blossom Dino Land ruffled as giant flying dinosaurs flew threw them and up over our heads! We explored Dino Land and discovered dinosaur eggs! So big and beautiful we saw baby dinosaurs being born.

What an adventure we experienced in Dino Land. Now we should make a stop and rest in our tree houses.

Off to sleep we went…

Deep into our sleep we discovered space and science! We defied gravity and explored each planet and even passed the moon! We caught stars and made a wish and let the free into space  they went. We bounced along and made moon rocks and learnt cool things about science…

Awake we are and ready to go!

We left our tree homes and came to discover Blossom Neverland! We made our beautiful fairy wings and flew high and explored this new adventure. We explored the Fairy Garden and saw the fairies' lovely mushroom homes and we made colorful dragons to protect our sweet fairies. We explored our Butterfly garden and made butterflies! Our butterflies added so much elegance and uniqueness to our Fairytale Land. We even had our mad hatter tea party. Where we enjoyed tea and fruits galore.

Back onto the Blossom Cruise ship we went and had our final celebration for our amazing Summer Camp. We put on our best suits, top hats, ball gowns and tiaras and had a Regal Ball. We learn elegance and ballroom dancing and even made our frog princes! We danced the day away and became royalty.

Finally we have docked our adventure of Summer Camp and our Blossom adventures. What amazing fun we had! From Fairies, exotic animals, pirates, and space.

See you next time!

From our Blossom Home to yours..

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