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Why is Art and Creativity important in the Early Years?

Expressive Arts and Design is one of the specific areas of the British Early Years Foundation Stage framework. There are 2 main aspects to this:

  1. Being imaginative

  2. Exploring media and materials

Sometimes, as adults we can be too focused on the finished result - is it pretty? Does it look like something? For the child, the process is the most important part - that is how they learn to explore materials, experiment, see what happens when…….

“One of the things that adults find difficult when working with young children is the way many creative ideas look as if they are leading to something tangible as the play flows along, only to evaporate and fade suddenly. For every creative idea, there will be many that fall by the wayside. The whole point of the free-flowing play is that it cannot be pinned down. The same can be said of the process involved in creative thinking”.(Bruce, 2012)

If we control the child’s creation too much - there is little room left for imagination and creativity.

Creating art with your child can be a fantastic bonding experience, read on for my top tips for encouraging creativity in your child’s art:

  • Provide materials and some structure - but not too much!

  • Watch your child - observe what interests your little one rather than trying to push your own ideas onto them.

  • Show them different tools, techniques and media so they can play!

  • Be proud of their creations - display them in your home; give their artwork pride of place.

  • Look at other artists’ work, in books, online and even better, in museums!

  • Ask questions like; what happens when we mix yellow and blue? What happens when we paint on top of crayons? What if we use a sponge to paint? What if we use a twig?

For more ideas take a look at this guide for exploring and using media and materials.

Now get creating!

Join us for a free parent and toddler ‘Little Artists’ painting session.

Date:17th May from

Time: 10:30-11:30

Location: Villa 37, Street 10a, Umm al Sheif

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